Contacts query parameters

The Domain Shared Contacts API supports the following standard Google Data API query parameters:

Name Description
alt The type of feed to return, such as atom (default), rss, or json.
max-results The maximum number of entries to return. If you want to receive every contact, rather than only the default maximum, you can specify a large number for max-results.
start-index The 1-based index of the first result to retrieve (for paging).
updated-min The lower bound for entry update dates.

For more information about the standard parameters, see Google Data APIs protocol reference.

In addition to the standard query parameters, the Domain Shared Contacts API supports the following parameters:

Name Description
orderby Sorting criteria. The only supported value is lastmodified.

Include deleted contacts in the returned contacts feed. Valid values are true or false. Deleted shared contacts are shown as entries that contain nothing but an <atom:id> element and a <gd:deleted> element.

Google retains placeholders for deleted shared contacts for 30 days after deletion. During that time, you can request the placeholders using the showdeleted query parameter.

sortorder Sorting order direction. Can be either ascending or descending.