Feed-Based Dynamic Remarketing

With feed-based dynamic remarketing, you create a feed of all your products or services along with attributes like unique IDs, images, and prices. Using the details from your feed to create responsive ads, dynamic remarketing shows the most relevant information in these ads to people who previously visited your website.

To implement feed-based dynamic remarketing, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your dynamic display ad feeds through the Google Ads UI, and ensure that you have the corresponding feed IDs.

    Alternatively, you could use the API to create Feed, FeedMapping, and FeedItem objects for use with your dynamic remarketing ads. Refer to each respective feed placeholder enum for the list of available attributes and placeholder fields for each type of remarketing feed. Example: List of Flight placeholder fields.

    The diagram below shows the relationship among feed components and the related workflow:

  2. When setting up the Google Ads tag data source, make sure to select the same business type as your feed: