Request object for ByteStream.Write.

JSON representation
  "resourceName": string,
  "writeOffset": string,
  "finishWrite": boolean,
  "data": string


The name of the resource to write. This must be set on the first WriteRequest of each Write() action. If it is set on subsequent calls, it must match the value of the first request.


string (int64 format)

The offset from the beginning of the resource at which the data should be written. It is required on all WriteRequests.

In the first WriteRequest of a Write() action, it indicates the initial offset for the Write() call. The value must be equal to the committedSize that a call to QueryWriteStatus() would return.

On subsequent calls, this value must be set and must be equal to the sum of the first writeOffset and the sizes of all data bundles sent previously on this stream.

An incorrect value will cause an error.



If true, this indicates that the write is complete. Sending any WriteRequests subsequent to one in which finishWrite is true will cause an error.


string (bytes format)

A portion of the data for the resource. The client may leave data empty for any given WriteRequest. This enables the client to inform the service that the request is still live while it is running an operation to generate more data.

A base64-encoded string.