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Review the deprecation schedule and instructions to migrate over to new v1 APIs from older deprecated v4 API.
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All errors codes returned by the API.

ERROR_CODE_UNSPECIFIED Missing error code.
INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_NAME One of the attributes provided cannot be applied to this location. Only attributes returned in the attributes.list response maybe be applied to this location. All problematic attribute names will be returned in the attribute_names key under metadata.
ASSOCIATE_OPERATION_ON_VERIFIED_LOCATION This error is returned when a client tries to associate a location or clear a location association on a location that is in verified state.
ASSOCIATE_LOCATION_INVALID_PLACE_ID The placeId provided in the associateLocation request is not a match for the location or is invalid. Ensure that the placeId being set matches one of the IDs being returned in the response.
LAT_LNG_UPDATES_NOT_PERMITTED This project is not allowed to update the lat/lng field on the Location. You may either update the lat/lng using the pin drop functionality in the UI or provide us with an address.
PO_BOX_IN_ADDRESS_NOT_ALLOWED PO box cannot be used in address. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
BLOCKED_REGION Due to international sanctions that we are obliged to comply with, we are unable to accept businesses from this region. Metadata keys include "field_maks".
MISSING_BOTH_PHONE_AND_WEBSITE Either a phone or a website is required for CUSTOMER_LOCATION_ONLY businesses. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
MISSING_STOREFRONT_ADDRESS_OR_SAB All Locations must have at least a storefront address or a service area. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
LAT_LNG_TOO_FAR_FROM_ADDRESS The latitude/longitude and address pair are too far apart. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
LAT_LNG_REQUIRED DEPRECATED. Replaced by PIN_DROP_REQUIRED. The specified address cannot be located. Please provide a latitude/longitude. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_CHARACTERS Invalid characters are found. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "invalid_characters".
FORBIDDEN_WORDS Forbidden words are found. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "forbidden_words".
INVALID_INTERCHANGE_CHARACTERS Invalid characters are found. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
FIELDS_REQUIRED_FOR_CATEGORY Additional fields are required for this category of location. Metadata keys include "field_mask", "value", and "fields_required".
STOREFRONT_REQUIRED_FOR_CATEGORY Your business category requires a storefront location customers can visit. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
ADDRESS_MISSING_REGION_CODE Address is missing required regionCode. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
ADDRESS_EDIT_CHANGES_COUNTRY The address cannot be moved to different country. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
SPECIAL_HOURS_SET_WITHOUT_REGULAR_HOURS Special hours can only be specified if the location has regular business hours. Metadata empty.
INVALID_TIME_SCHEDULE Invalid time schedule, overlapped or end time is earlier than start time. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_HOURS_VALUE Invalid hours format or value. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
OVERLAPPED_SPECIAL_HOURS Special_hours cannot overlap. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INCOMPATIBLE_MORE_HOURS_TYPE_FOR_CATEGORY Your business primary category doesn't support this hours type. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "incompatible_hours_type".
DUPLICATE_CHILDREN_LOCATIONS Duplicate childrenLocations in relationshipData. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INCOMPATIBLE_SERVICE_AREA_AND_CATEGORY A service area business cannot have the selected primary category. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_SERVICE_AREA_PLACE_ID Invalid placeId in serviceArea. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "placeId".
INVALID_AREA_TYPE_FOR_SERVICE_AREA Invalid area type for serviceArea. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "placeId".
OPENING_DATE_TOO_FAR_IN_THE_FUTURE Enter an opening date that's within a year. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
OPENING_DATE_MISSING_YEAR_OR_MONTH Opening date must have a year or a month specified. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
OPENING_DATE_BEFORE_1AD Opening date cannot be before 1 AD. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
TOO_MANY_ENTRIES Too many entries for the field. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "max_count".
INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER Phone number input is not recognized. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "value".
INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER_FOR_REGION Invalid phone number for region. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "value".
MISSING_PRIMARY_PHONE_NUMBER Missing primary phone number. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
THROTTLED The field cannot be updated at this time. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "value".
UNSUPPORTED_POINT_RADIUS_SERVICE_AREA Point radius service areas are no longer supported. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_CATEGORY Invalid category id. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "value".
CANNOT_REOPEN The business cannot reopen. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_BUSINESS_OPENING_DATE Invalid business opening date. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_LATLNG Invalid latlng. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
PROFILE_DESCRIPTION_CONTAINS_URL Business description should not contain URL. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
LODGING_CANNOT_EDIT_PROFILE_DESCRIPTION Lodging location's profile description can't be edited. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_URL Invalid link. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_ADDRESS Invalid address. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
PARENT_CHAIN_CANNOT_BE_THE_LOCATION_ITSELF ParentChain cannot be the location itself. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "value".
RELATION_CANNOT_BE_THE_LOCATION_ITSELF Relation cannot be the location itself. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "value".
MISSING_ADDRESS_COMPONENTS Missing value for address components. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
READ_ONLY_ADDRESS_COMPONENTS Can't edit readonly address components. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
STRING_TOO_LONG The string is too long. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "max_length".
STRING_TOO_SHORT The string is too short. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "min_length".
REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING_VALUE Missing value for required field. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
ATTRIBUTE_PROVIDER_URL_NOT_ALLOWED URL for a provider cannot be added or edited. Metadata keys include "attribute_name".
ATTRIBUTE_INVALID_ENUM_VALUE Unknown value for enum attribute. Metadata keys include "attribute_name".
ATTRIBUTE_NOT_AVAILABLE Scalable attribute not valid for this location. Metadata keys include ""attribute_name".
ATTRIBUTE_CANNOT_BE_REPEATED Scalable attribute only be specified once. Metadata keys include "attribute_name".
ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_NOT_COMPATIBLE_FOR_CATEGORY Scalable attribute is not compatible with the categories set on the location. Metadata keys include "attribute_name".
ADDRESS_REMOVAL_NOT_ALLOWED Address removal is not allowed for your business. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
AMBIGUOUS_TITLE Best name is ambiguous for a language. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_CATEGORY_FOR_SAB A pure SAB cannot have gcids that are subtypes of gcid:establishment_poi. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "value".
RELATION_ENDPOINTS_TOO_FAR Relation endpoints are too far from each other. Metadata keys include "field_mask" and "value".
INVALID_SERVICE_ITEM Neither structuredServiceItem nor freeFormServiceItem is set. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
SERVICE_ITEM_LABEL_NO_DISPLAY_NAME Label is missing display name. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
SERVICE_ITEM_LABEL_DUPLICATE_DISPLAY_NAME Display name is not unique for all labels across all price lists. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
SERVICE_ITEM_LABEL_INVALID_UTF8 Label contains invalid UTF-8 symbols. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
FREE_FORM_SERVICE_ITEM_WITH_NO_CATEGORY_ID Missing category_id field in freeFormServiceItem. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
FREE_FORM_SERVICE_ITEM_WITH_NO_LABEL Missing label in freeFormServiceItem. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
SERVICE_ITEM_WITH_NO_SERVICE_TYPE_ID Missing serviceTypeId field in structuredServiceItem. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
INVALID_LANGUAGE Language code is invalid. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
PRICE_CURRENCY_MISSING Missing ISO 4217 currency code. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
PRICE_CURRENCY_INVALID Provided currency code is not valid ISO 4217. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
SERVICE_TYPE_ID_DUPLICATE Service type ids are not unique within the Location. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
PIN_DROP_REQUIRED The specified address cannot be located. Please use the UI to provide a pin drop. Metadata keys include "field_mask".
STALE_DATA One or more items were recently updated by Google. Only the owner of this business can make changes to the data located in "field" at this time by visiting Metadata keys include "field_mask".