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REST Resource: locations.admins

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Resource: Admin

An administrator of an Account or a location.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "admin": string,
  "account": string,
  "role": enum (AdminRole),
  "pendingInvitation": boolean


Immutable. The resource name. For account admins, this is in the form: accounts/{account_id}/admins/{admin_id}

For location admins, this is in the form: locations/{locationId}/admins/{admin_id}

This field will be ignored if set during admin creation.



Optional. The name of the admin. When making the initial invitation, this is the invitee's email address. On GET calls, the user's email address is returned if the invitation is still pending. Otherwise, it contains the user's first and last names.

This field is only needed to be set during admin creation.



Immutable. The name of the Account resource that this Admin refers to. Used when calling locations.admins.create to invite a LocationGroup as an admin.

If both this field and admin are set on CREATE requests, this field takes precedence and the email address in admin will be ignored.

Format: accounts/{account}.


enum (AdminRole)

Required. Specifies the role that this admin uses with the specified Account or Location.



Output only. Indicates whether this admin has a pending invitation for the specified resource.



Invites the specified user to become an administrator for the specified location.


Removes the specified admin as a manager of the specified location.


Lists all of the admins for the specified location.


Updates the Admin for the specified location.