Account Management API

Change log


Transfer Locations

You can now use the Account Management API to transfer locations. The request body must include destinationAccount (previously referred to as toAccount.) More info.


API Access

The Account Management API will need to be enabled from the GCP Console. The OAuth scope remains the same.

Endpoint URL

The Account Management API is accessible at{accountId} instead of{accountId}

ListInvitations filtering

Previously, invitations could be filtered using the target_type URL parameter. In the Account Management API, this has been replaced with a filter parameter. Clients will be able to filter using values like ?filter=target_type=ACCOUNT_ONLY.

Primary Owner

`PrimaryOwner' has moved to the POST body in the accounts.create method. Previously this was a query parameter.

GenerateAccountNumber functionality has been deprecated.

ListRecommendGoogleLocations functionality has been deprecated.

All updates now require a field mask

You can no longer make update/patch calls without the updateMask parameter in the URL.

Updated account role and admin role names

Account/Admin roles names have changed as follows:

Previous name Updated name

OrganizationInfo.postal_address is renamed to OrganizationInfo.address