Change log

v1: 2024-02-12

name field will change for locations.questions and locations.questions.answers

Note that starting 2024-02-12, name field which includes the old ID of the question or answer will be replaced with a new ID. If you are using the old ID for the question or answer, API will return the new ID in the response object for your request.

v1: 2023-11-13

locations.questions.list for businesses with more than 50 questions

We have a known limitation with orderBy query parameter for locations.questions.list that doesn't sort questions created by the business correctly using the upvoteCount order when there are more than 50 questions.

v1: 2021-11-18

API Access

The Q&A API will need to be enabled from the GCP Console. The OAuth scope remains the same.

Endpoint URL

The Questions endpoint is accessible at https://mybusinessqanda.googleapis.com/v1/locations/{locationId}/questions instead of https://mybusiness.googleapis.com/v4/accounts/{accountId}/locations/{locationId}/questions.

The Answers endpoint is accessible at https://mybusinessqanda.googleapis.com/v1/locations/{locationId}/questions/{questionId}/answers instead of https://mybusiness.googleapis.com/v4/accounts/{accountId}/locations/{locationId}/questions/{questionId}/answers.