Google Business Performance API has a NEW API method that allows fetching multiple `DailyMetrics` in a single API request.
Review the deprecation schedule and instructions to migrate over from v4 reportInsights API method to Google Business Profile Performance API.

Lodging API

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Change log

v1.1: 2021-09-09


Addition of Sustainability object within Lodging Type. More Info.

v1: 2021-04-05

API Access

The Lodging API will need to be enabled from the GCP Console. The OAuth scope remains the same.

Endpoint URL

The Lodging API is accessible at{name=locations/{locationId}/lodging} instead of{accountId}/locations/{locationId}

LanguageSpoken format

The LanguageSpoken object has changed and now accepts a language code. More Info.

allUnits and someUnits are now Output Only.

You can no longer edit the allUnits or someUnits fields. More info.