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Error codes for ErrorDetail:

  • 1 to 199: common error codes that apply to all fields.
  • 1000 to 1099: photos-related error codes.
  • 1100 to 1199: address- and latitude/longitude-related error codes.
  • 1200 to 1299: category-related error codes.
  • 1300 to 1399: operation related error codes.

ERROR_CODE_UNSPECIFIED Catch-all error code.
MISSING_VALUE A required value was not provided.
INVALID_VALUE An invalid value was provided.
INVALID_CHARACTERS Invalid characters were found.
TOO_MANY_ITEMS More than the maximum number of items was provided in a repeated field.
READ_ONLY Read-only field cannot be modified.
OVERLAPPING_RANGES Items in a repeated field are ranges that overlap with one another.
INVERTED_RANGE The range provided is inverted. This also includes the case of an empty range.
VALUE_OUTSIDE_ALLOWED_RANGE The value provided is outside of its allowed range.
MISSING_DEPENDENT_FIELD Required dependent field not present.
FIELD_HAS_DEPENDENCIES Field required by dependent field and cannot be removed.
UNSUPPORTED_VALUE The provided value, although possibly valid, is unsupported due to other constraints.
EXPIRED_VALUE The provided value has expired and is no longer valid.
PHOTO_FETCH_FAILED Fetch photo from the specified URL failed.
PHOTO_UPLOAD_FAILED Upload photo from the specified URL failed.
GEOCODE_ERROR There was an error automatically determining latitude/longitude.
LAT_LNG_OUTSIDE_COUNTRY The latitude/longitude provided does not lie in the country provided.
LAT_LNG_REQUIRED Latitude and Longitude must be provided.
LAT_LNG_TOO_FAR_FROM_ADDRESS The latitude/longitude and address pair are too far apart.
CATEGORY_NOT_VERIFIED Category provided is not verified.
OPERATION_EXECUTION_ERROR Generic operation execution error.
OPERATION_UNSUPPORTED_UNDER_ACCOUNT_CONDITION Operation is not supported due to account condition.