Google Cast Web Receiver SDK Preview URL

We are providing a preview of the next version of the Cast Web Receiver SDK, version 3.0.0098, to allow developers to test their applications in advance of the production release (expected fall 2021).

Fixes in this release include:

  • Upgrade to Shaka player v3.0.13 (which in turn fixes a number of previously reported issues).

  • Fixed an issue where captions were not displaying for buffered streams due to an error in logic used to detect duplicate tracks.

  • Fixed an issue where the receiver’s error callback wasn’t fired when LOAD_BY_ENTITY returned an error.

  • Added support for high-efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio codecs for transport streams.

  • Fixed a bug where PlayerManager.getStats() was not returning the correct values for height and width.

  • Removed VAST and VMAP information from MediaStatus messages to avoid overflows that can cause a sender to get disconnected from the receiver.

  • Fixed a problem where the endedReason wasn’t provided to the sender when ads are skipped.

  • Fixed a problem where ad breaks were getting removed from the load queue before playing.

  • Added a new cast.framework.message.QueueChange#reorderItemIds field which contains the list of queue items affected by the QUEUE_CHANGE operation.

  • Fixed an issue in MPL where the receiver did not persist audio and closed-caption selections following an ad break.

  • Reduced buffering in HLS live streams in MPL when switching between audio tracks, so audio and video now stay in sync.

  • Fixed parsing of HLS streams in MPL with embedded CEA608/CEA708 captions.

  • Media controls for Chromecast with Google TV will be hidden when media is paused for more than 5 seconds.

Developers can test the new Web Receiver SDK prior to release using the preview URL at

<script src=""></script>

When testing, make sure to test using a non-production version of your web receiver application.

Updates to the preview URL will be made prior to planned new releases of the Web Receiver SDK. Hotfix releases to address urgent issues will not be pushed for preview. The preview lead times for the production release may vary and can be affected by issues found during internal testing. The preview URL for an upcoming release is expected to be generally available at least one week prior to production release.

Developers are encouraged to subscribe to the Google Group to get the latest updates on the Cast SDK, including preview availability and release updates.

Bugs should be promptly reported through the Cast SDK Issue Tracker or with your Nest Technical Account Manager.