public static final enum Config.TextureUpdateMode

Describes how ARCore will update the camera texture. See Vulkan Rendering developer guide for more information.

The default value is BIND_TO_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES. Use Config.setTextureUpdateMode(Config.TextureUpdateMode) to set the desired mode.

Inherited Methods

Enum Values


public static final Config.TextureUpdateMode BIND_TO_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES

ARCore provides the camera image through the GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES texture provided to Session.setCameraTextureName(int) or Session.setCameraTextureNames(int[]).

This is the default mode.


public static final Config.TextureUpdateMode EXPOSE_HARDWARE_BUFFER

ARCore provides the camera image through a HardwareBuffer. The hardware buffer for a Frame is accessible via Frame.getHardwareBuffer(). See documentation on Native Hardware Buffer in the Android NDK.

The client app is responsible for binding it to a GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES (OpenGL ES) or VkImage (Vulkan).

When a configuration is active with EXPOSE_HARDWARE_BUFFER, texture names provided to Session.setCameraTextureName(int) and Session.setCameraTextureNames(int[]).are ignored.

This is only available on Android API levels 27 and above. Using Session.configure(Config) to set EXPOSE_HARDWARE_BUFFER on an incompatible device will throw UnsupportedConfigurationException.