public static final enum Config.InstantPlacementMode

Select the behavior of Instant Placement. Default value is DISABLED.

Use Config.setInstantPlacementMode(InstantPlacementMode) to set the desired mode.

Inherited Methods

Enum Values


public static final Config.InstantPlacementMode DISABLED

Disable Instant Placement. Frame.hitTestInstantPlacement(float, float, float) will return an empty list.

When Instant Placement is disabled, any InstantPlacementPoint that has InstantPlacementPoint.TrackingMethod.SCREENSPACE_WITH_APPROXIMATE_DISTANCE tracking method will result in tracking state becoming permanently TrackingState.STOPPED.


public static final Config.InstantPlacementMode LOCAL_Y_UP

Enable Instant Placement. If the hit test is successful, Frame.hitTestInstantPlacement(float, float, float) will return a single InstantPlacementPoint with the +Y pointing upward, against gravity. Otherwise, returns an empty result set.

This mode is currently intended to be used with hit tests against horizontal surfaces.

Hit tests may also be performed against surfaces with any orientation, however: