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API reference - ARCore for iOS

API reference for ARCore SDK for iOS.


GARAnchor ARCore anchor class.
GARAnchor(CloudAnchors) Category adding Cloud Anchor functionality to GARAnchor.
GARAnchor(Geospatial) Category adding Geospatial Anchor functionality to GARAnchor.
GARAugmentedFace Object that holds face mesh and transform data for detected face.
GARAugmentedFaceFrame Object that holds all relevant information for an Augmented Faces frame during which face detection was run.
GARAugmentedFaceMesh Object that holds face mesh and transform data for a detected face.
GARAugmentedFaceRegionType Defines face regions to query the transforms for.
GARAugmentedFaceSession ARCore Augmented Face Session.
GARAugmentedFaceSessionDelegate Delegate that outputs a GARAugmentedFaceFrame for the passed in CVPixelBufferRefs.
GARAugmentedFaceSessionErrorCode Possible codes for NSError's generated by a GARAugmentedFaceSession.
GARCloudAnchorMode Possible values of GARSessionConfiguration.cloudAnchorMode.
GARCloudAnchorState Possible values of GARAnchor.cloudState.
GAREarth Provides localization ability in Geospatial coordinates.
GAREarthState Describes the current state of GAREarth, containing the possible values of GAREarth.earthState.
GARFeatureMapQuality Possible values returned by estimateFeatureMapQualityForHosting:error: (GARSession(CloudAnchors)).
GARFrame ARCore frame class.
GARFrame(Geospatial) Category adding Geospatial functionality to GARFrame.
GARFramePair Container class for an ARFrame and its corresponding GARFrame.
GARFutureState The state of an async operation.
GARGeospatialMode Describes the desired behavior of ARCore Geospatial API features and capabilities.
GARGeospatialTransform A representation of a global transform including location, orientation, altitude, and accuracy estimates.
GARSession ARCore session class.
GARSession(CloudAnchors) Category adding Cloud Anchor functionality to GARSession.
GARSession(Geospatial) Category adding Geospatial functionality to GARSession.
GARSessionConfiguration Configuration for a GARSession.
GARSessionConfiguration(CloudAnchors) Category adding Cloud Anchor functionality to GARSessionConfiguration.
GARSessionConfiguration(Geospatial) Category adding Geospatial functionality to GARSessionConfiguration.
GARSessionDelegate Delegate for receiving callbacks from a GARSession.
GARSessionErrorCode Possible codes for NSErrors generated by a GARSession.
GARTerrainAnchorState Possible values of GARAnchor.terrainState.
GARTrackingState Possible tracking states for trackable objects, including GARAnchor.
GARVPSAvailability The result of checkVPSAvailabilityAtCoordinate:completionHandler: (GARSession(Geospatial)).
GARVPSAvailabilityFuture A handle to an async operation initiated by a call to checkVPSAvailabilityAtCoordinate:completionHandler: (GARSession(Geospatial)).
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