Deleted APIs


  • Member ArImage_getNdkImage(const ArImage *image, const AImage **out_ndk_image)
    Removed in ARCore SDK 1.23.0 after being deprecated in ARCore SDK 1.10.0. Use the other ArImage functions to obtain image data. ARCore can produce a wide variety of images, not all of which can be represented using Android NDK AImage provided by this function. In those cases, this function will return NULL in out_ndk_image.
  • Member ArImageMetadata_getNdkCameraMetadata(const ArSession *session, const ArImageMetadata *image_metadata, const ACameraMetadata **out_ndk_metadata)
    Removed in ARCore SDK 1.23.0 after beinig deprecated in ARCore SDK 1.20.0. Use ArImageMetadata_getConstEntry instead of ACameraMetadata_getConstEntry.