public static final enum Config.FocusMode

On supported devices, selects the desired camera focus mode. On these devices, the default desired focus mode is currently FIXED, although this default might change in the future. See the ARCore supported devices page for a list of devices on which ARCore does not support changing the desired focus mode.

For optimal AR tracking performance, use the focus mode provided by the default session config. While capturing pictures or video, use AUTO. For optimal AR tracking, revert to the default focus mode once auto focus behavior is no longer needed. If your app requires fixed focus camera, call Config.setFocusMode(Config.FocusMode) using FIXED before enabling the AR session. This ensures that your app always uses fixed focus, even if the default camera config focus mode changes in a future release.

Inherited Methods

Enum Values


public static final Config.FocusMode AUTO

Auto focus mode.


public static final Config.FocusMode FIXED

Fixed focus mode.