These video tutorials are from lectures or hands-on trainings conducted at Earth Engine User Summits and Earth Outreach digital events.

Introduction to Earth Engine (condensed)

Learn about Earth Engine from developer advocate Noel Gorelick in this fast-paced intro.

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Hands-on Intermediate Training

Topics covered include classification, spectral unmixing and terrain visualization.

Tables and Vectors

Overview of tables and vectors in Earth Engine. Topics include how to load, manipulate, display and analyze vector and tabular data in Earth Engine.

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Importing and Exporting

Topics covered include importing and exporting Earth Engine data, the command line interface, and map publishing.


Learn all about classifiers (both supervised and unsupervised), training data, test data, the dreaded "computed value too large" message, and the awesome linear regression reducer.

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Topics covered include supervised and unsupervised classification.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Best Practices

With the pace of modern machine learning, building and training neural networks is hard. Learn some best practices and sift through the overwhelming amount of information available with a focus on remote sensing.

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Neural Segmentation

Arguably the most common application of ML to earth observation imagery is pixel level segmentation and regression. With neural networks, a whole new set of techniques are possible that eclipse existing methods in terms of generality, but come with their own set of challenges. Learn applications and training regimens ranging from supervised to fully unsupervised.

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Arrays and Matrices

Overview of array and matrix operations the Earth Engine way. Topics include linear modeling, matrix solving, eigen analysis, covariance reducers.

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Time Series Analysis

Overview of time series analysis the Earth Engine way. Topics covered include linear modeling, auto-correlation, cross-correlation, auto-regressive models and smoothing.

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Earth Engine and the Google Cloud Platform

Introduction to interoperability between Earth Engine and the Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Maps API

Create a "Hello World" Maps API webpage, and learn how to do things like change the options (background map type, initial location, etc.), overlay data and KML layers, and start to showcase your first Earth Engine maps.

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Publishing and storytelling with your Earth Engine results

Get an overview of how to use Google's geo tools to tell your stories and share your data. Topics include Google Earth, Google Maps (APIs), My Maps, Tour Builder, and Street View.

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Synthetic Aperture Radar (Sentinel-1)

Take a deep dive into one of the more unique datasets in the Earth Engine data catalog. This session provides an introduction to Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data and working with scripts analyzing Sentinel-1 SAR data.

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