Earth Engine with Google Cloud

Earth Engine is integrated with Google Cloud Platform. Specifically, the Earth Engine REST API is a Google Cloud API. When you make calls to a Cloud API, you make calls through a Cloud Project. Each project needs to be registered to access the Earth Engine API. This enables usage, storage and permissions to be configured and monitored at the project level and more easily managed for groups or collaborators.

If you don't specify a project, the Code Editor makes calls through an Earth Engine owned project. You can optionally set the Code Editor to make calls through a Cloud Project owned by you or your organization.

See the Projects page to learn how Earth Engine calls made via the Code Editor, a client library, the command line or the REST API are associated with a Cloud Project.

Get Started with Earth Engine in Google Cloud

Try one of the quickstarts to quickly get Earth Engine running through the Cloud Project and environment of your choice.

Cloud Concepts

See the following concept pages to learn more about how to use Earth Engine integrated with Google Cloud.