Overlay View

View Sample is a WebGL-powered visualization framework that provides a variety of easy-to-use 2D and 3D data visualizations with support for large data sets. You can add data visualizations with the Maps JavaScript API with’s GoogleMapsOverlay class. supports multiple datasources and formats, as well as creating composite visualizations by rendering multiple visualization layers on the map.


To use you must use the raster or vector map provided by the Maps JavaScript API. It is highly recommended that you use the vector map so that you can take full advantage of the WebGL-powered features of Google’s basemap, including tilt, rotation, and full 3D camera control.

See the vector map overview for details.

Loading can be loaded in your web app using either a script tag, or installed as modules from Node Package Manager (NPM).

For more information, see the documentation on the website.

Adding visualizations to the map visualizations are added to the map by creating an instance of the GoogleMapsOverlay class provided by

For more information, see the GoogleMapsOverlay documentation on the website.

Available visualizations provides many different 2D and 3D visualizations that are optimized for displaying different types of data. For a complete list, see the Layer Catalog on the website.


See more examples of and Maps JavaScript API in action: