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April 2024
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Google I/O program details are now live!
Get a sneak peek at this year’s 150+ sessions and learning content covering mobile, web, multiplatform development, and more.
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Featured video
Getting started with Gemma models
Learn how to get started step-by-step, from finding the model, pulling up code snippets, and creating a simple prompt in just a few clicks. Navigating your favorite integrations and tools has never been so easy.
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Featured content
Gemini in Android Studio
Android development is now faster and easier – and powered by AI
Now with Gemini 1.0 Pro, Gemini in Android Studio is an AI coding assistant that can be accessed directly in-app.
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Generative AI for development
Generative AI is changing how and what developers can build. Learn how Google Cloud is making it easier than ever.
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What’s new in AI?
Gemini API and Google AI Studio are now available in Canada
Access the latest Gemini models for developers. Grab your API key and create your GenAI app today.
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Start building with Gemini 1.5 Pro, now in public preview
Access our most capable model with a 1 million token context window via the Gemini API. Integrate multimodal text, vision, and the new audio reasoning capabilities and take advantage of new API features including JSON mode, System Instructions and improved Function Calling.
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Join the Google AI Hackathon
Build a creative app that uses Google’s Generative AI tools. Push the boundaries of what Gen AI apps can do with Gemini!
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Codelabs and pathways
Build a multi-tier web app in the cloud
Learn to architect a three-tier web app running on Cloud Run and using a CloudSQL database.
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Use Translation API with ABAP SDK
This codelab shows you how to translate a text, detect the text language, and more.
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Developer community
See how your ML skills stack up
Over 20 ML Olympiad community competitions are open across a range of communities.
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Your accelerator is here
Running a startup? The Google for Startups Accelerator offers three-month, equity free programs with expert mentorship and technical support.
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Check out what’s new with Workspace
Developers have a lot to love about the new Workspace dev features.
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