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June 2023
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Catch up on all the announcements from Google I/O
I/O may be over, but the learning doesn’t stop there. All the event content is now available on demand, so you can explore any major announcements you may have missed across mobile, web, AI, and cloud.
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Discover the latest in machine learning from Google I/O
Explore innovations within Google's machine learning ecosystem and learn how to bring ML to any device, website, or app.
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Explore the developer solutions content catalog
Find cross-product solutions to your most common development scenarios and simplify your workflow.
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Featured event
Join the ASL fingerspelling recognition competition by Kaggle
Create models with TensorFlow Lite to enable faster text entry on smartphones. Make an impact on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community while improving your ML skills. Submit by August 3.
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Product updates and developer solutions
Advancing AI for everyone
Explore the new Google AI hub featuring principles for responsible AI development and generative AI, the PaLM API, MakerSuite, Keras, and TensorFlow.
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Catch up on all things Android
Watch Android's road to I/O 2023, including key product moments and announcements from past years.
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Get all the major Google Play updates from I/O
See what Play is doing to help you grow your business, monetize, and build trust with your users.
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Explore the ChromeOS Google I/O 2023 roundup
Updates include the latest powerhouse devices, intuitive tools, and community inspiration for developers.
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Catch up on the top web announcements at Google I/O
Learn about the latest in the web, Chrome DevTools, web UI, and more.
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Angular v16 is live
Explore Reactivity with Signals in developer preview, non-destructive hydration, improved standalone APIs, and tooling enhancements.
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Explore the Geospatial Creator by ARCore and Google Maps Platform
This new creation and visualization tool helps you build world-scale, immersive AR experiences in Adobe Aero and Unity .
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Build workflows across Google Workspace
Connect user experiences across apps.
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Codelabs and pathways
Accessibility in Jetpack Compose
Explore common use cases, touch target sizes, content descriptions, click labels, and more.
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Your first WebGPU app
WebGPU is a new, modern API for accessing the capabilities of GPU in web apps.
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Responsible AI with the PAIR guidebook and MakerSuite
Learn how to design a new product with AI with human-centered data practices and user trust.
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Training custom models with Vertex AI
Build an image classification model using the flowers dataset.
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Developer community and BIPOC updates
Become a Google Developer Student Club Lead
Collaborate with Google as you grow, learn, and connect with peers around the globe. Apply to become a GDSC Lead at your university.
Women Techmakers at Google I/O
300 WTM Ambassadors and other Google community members attended I/O at Shoreline to watch the keynotes and participate in exclusive programming. If you’d like a similar opportunity, consider becoming a WTM Ambassador.
June Founder Fridays
Learn how to build inclusivity and equal opportunity into culture so teams can bring their authentic selves to work, co-hosted by Queertech.
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