Newsletter - August 2018

Google Developers
August, 2018

Google Cloud Next ’18

Missed out on Next ‘18? Don’t worry, you can still catch the keynote and session videos.


Android / Google Play

  • Smart Displays with the Google Assistant are now available. See how to create Actions for the Assistant that can respond to natural conversation, and also display information and represent your brand in an immersive, visual way.
  • Android 9 Pie is live! It’s powered by AI to make your smartphone smarter, simpler, and tailored to you.

Firebase / Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Learn about a number of new Firebase products and features that will help you build better apps, improve your app quality, and grow your business.
  • App Actions are ready for you to create and submit your Actions.xml file to the Play Console for testing prior to the consumer launch. See what built-in intents match your app and get started by downloading Android Studio 3.2 beta and the App Actions Test Tool EAP plugin.
  • Get to know more about the GCP certification , how to choose the right one for you, and how to prepare for the exam. Register now and get free access to hands-on labs to jumpstart your learning. All webinar attendees will also receive a voucher to take a course on Coursera for free.


  • Speed is now a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads. Learn best practices for improving your web speed and performance.


  • Check out this new course on Ads Assets for App campaigns to learn how to attract even more users to your mobile app.
  • The Lever is Google Developers Launchpad’s new resource for sharing applied-Machine Learning content to help startups innovate and thrive.

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