Newsletter - March 2020

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Out of concern for the health and safety of our developers, employees, and local communities — and in line with recent “shelter in place” orders by the local Bay Area counties — we sadly will not be holding I/O in any capacity this year.

Find out what Google is doing to help and how you can donate via .

Featured Videos
Missed the virtual-only TensorFlow Dev Summit on March 11, 2020?

Watch highlights
Google for Games Developer Summit went digital on March 23, 2020.

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Android / Google Play

  • Subscribe to the new podcast series Apps, Games, and Insights to hear stories and learnings from industry experts on mobile, apps, and games businesses.
  • Did you know you can create Actions for the Google Assistant without writing a single line of code? Simply fill in a Google Sheet and build an Action in minutes. Start here .
  • Download the preview for Android 11 and share feedback as you work with APIs, behavior changes, and early app compatibility testing. Watch Now in Android to learn more. 
  • Android Platform Codelab kickstarts OS Development. Read more to get a taste of what the developer workflow is like for Android engineers working on the platform operating system.
  • See how Singapore-based IGG found success in India with Google Play. Subscribe to the Android Developers series on YouTube to get the latest.
  • Meet the top 60 games that will be competing for 9 grand prizes at Indie Games Festivals around the world. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • Share your #IMakeApps story or self-nominate for a chance to be featured in the campaign .

Firebase / Google Cloud




Developer Community

  • See how DevFests in Brazil, the Mediterranean, and Vietnam developed new environmental solutions to solve for eco-friendly economies, safer seas, and care for crops.
  • Meet the finalists recently announced by the "Build for Digital India" (BFDI) Program. The top 15 teams met with mentors for feedback and pitched their solutions to a panel. Learn more about the program, which is open to all engineering and tech university students across India.
  • The 2020 MENA Google Developers Roadshow touched down in the Middle East and Africa. The recent Saudi Arabia tour trained 3.4 thousand people through talks, workshops, hackathons, certificates, and more. Future events will be digital. Learn more .
  • New tech talks have just been added from DevFest On Demand. Subscribe and watch videos of sessions from DevFests around the world. Topics include Cloud, Web, Machine Learning, Mobile, and more.
  • The third annual Developer Students Club (DSC) will be accepting applications starting in early April. Connect, learn, and grow as an undergraduate or graduate student interested in Google Developer technologies.


  • See the announcement from TensorFlow Quantum (TFQ), a free open-source library for the rapid prototyping of quantum ML models. Learn more about what it is and how it works to help researchers discover and accelerate new quantum algorithms.