Newsletter - October 2019

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Can’t make it to CDS in person?  Watch November 11 via livestream or on YouTube . CDS extended provides a group livestream experience where you can attend the summit remotely with other developers. Find a group near you!

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Android / Google Play

  • Excited about the #AndroidDevSummit? Get a preview here
  • Catch up on the latest updates to Android 11, Jetpack Compose, Android Studio 4.0, Kotlin Certification, and more announced during Android Dev Summit.
  • Learn how VideoLAN adapted its Android app for immersive experiences on ChromeOS and large-screens devices.

Firebase / Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Firebase Summit in Madrid was a huge success. Watch the session recordings and continue the conversation using #FirebaseSummit and #BetterTogether. See all the announced updates - including new product announcements, web support, and more. Learn more from the recap blog post or the What’s New in Firebase 2019 video.
  • Follow the GDG Cloud Nuremberg team at the Google Cloud Summit in Munich. Watch a tour of the community and training booths, the talks, and the after-summit get-together video.


  • Check out the new Showcase Page for Flutter.
  • Watch product announcements and onsite highlights from Flutter at GDD China 2019.
  • Ever wonder why Flutter uses Dart?  Watch  this video to learn more.
  • Improve your Google Play app or game performance in this upcoming webinar. Learn how "Acquiring and Keeping New Users" can expand your knowledge on KPIs related to acquisition and retention. Register today .
  • Google and Codecademy have partnered on launching a course to help anyone learn Go. Start the course for free today !
  • Learn how Pixonic optimized War Robots for larger screens in 2 weeks getting 25% more engagement on Chromebooks.

Developer Community

  • With over 400 community-led developer events globally, DevFests are coming all over Europe during November! Check it out and find an event near you.
  • With over 400 community-led developer events globally, DevFests are coming all over Asia during November! Check it out and find an event near you.


  • Want to solve India's pressing problems? Whether it is healthcare, climate change or agriculture, you are invited you convert ideas into reality with 'Build for Digital India' program, a collaboration between Google and the India Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY). Apply now .
  • Check out the latest Google Developers blog post on building security into your next website.
  • Google has a new, unreleased way to increase engagement and conversion within apps - join the hackathon with a select group of apps in November to test it out. $11k of prizes per team are on offer.  Sign up now !
  • Want increased engagement and retention in your app? Want to try out a new tool from Google before it's big release?  Apply now  to join the remote hackathons in December / January where every team wins a prize!
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