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Welcome to the Google Developers Newsletter

We're pleased to share the first edition of the Google Developers newsletter with you. In this inaugural newsletter, we're kicking things off with a reflection on 2016! In future editions, you can expect highlights on the latest from our developer products and programs across Android, iOS, Web and more. We'll also be supporting 6 additional languages besides English.

Firebase expands to become a unified app platform

At Google I/O 2016, we announced that Firebase is expanding to become Google's mobile platform for Android, iOS and web development. Since launch, more than 750K projects have been created on the Firebase platform. In addition, we've made 33 updates and added new features in the last 6 months, all to help developers build better apps and successful businesses.

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What's new in Android - Google I/O 2016
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PWAs: The Next Generation of Mobile Web


  • Android 7.0 Nougat, brought new features for performance, productivity, and security. Test your apps with new system behaviors to save power and memory, and take advantage of multi-window UI, direct reply notifications and more.
  • Android Studio 2.2 is packed with 20+ new features that help you develop faster with features like the new Layout Editor and develop smarter with the new APK analyzer. Plus, it includes support for all the latest features in Android 7.0 with an updated emulator to test them all out.
  • Stay up-to-date with features and best practices that will help you grow a successful business on Google Play with the Playbook for Developers app.



  • Get a 1.5 min update on what's now possible on the mobile web.
  • Last year when we spoke about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), things were just getting started. Now we're seeing the movement in full swing, with many large sites globally launching great new apps and feeling the success that PWAs can bring.
  • Did you know Flipkart tripled time-on-site with their PWA? Well done! Find out how other partners are using PWAs to enhance their mobile web experience.
  • Make your mobile sites load faster with AMP.
  • (Not so) Fun fact: users abandon mobile purchases twice as often than desktop purchases. Use the Payment Request API to replace traditional checkout flows by allowing merchants to request and accept any payment in a single API call.

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