Newsletter - December 2019

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TensorFlow Dev Summit

Join in for two days of highly technical talks, demos, breakout sessions and in-depth conversations with the TensorFlow team and community! Unable to attend in person? Sign up here to stay updated on the livestream, event announcements, and more. March 11-12, 2020, Sunnyvale, CA.

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Android / Google Play

  • Dancer, martial artist, creator, and complete movement fanatic Rosa Mei makes apps to teach the art of movement. Watch her #IMakeApps story & share yours for your chance to be featured in the campaign
  • Voice-based interactions with Android apps are easier than ever with App Actions. Learn how Nike, PayPal, and E*TRADE deep link apps to voice commands, providing their users a faster way to access specific features through the Google Assistant.
  • From MIDI to multi channels: How Algoriddim brought full audio functionality to djay2 on ChromeOS and larger screens.

Firebase / Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • AI & Machine Learning: Discover insights from text with AutoML Natural Language.
  • Check out this guest post by DealCheck CEO Anton Ivanov, as he explains how using Firebase to quickly build a scalable backend has made real estate investing easier for everyone.
  • Fairness indicators create a scalable infrastructure for fair ML systems, See how you can utilize them.
  • Read about the availability, scale, and ease of management with new Cloud Layer-4 Internal Load Balancing features.


  • Missed Flutter Interact? Watch the keynote and all sessions on the Flutter YouTube channel .
  • gets an upgrade! Announcing a fresh look-and-feel plus support for the popular Flutter UI toolkit. DartPad is our online editor that runs Dart programs in your browser, and now it runs Flutter apps too. Check it out here.
  • Watch the story of Nazirini Siraji, a Ungandan developer, using TensorFlow and Machine Learning to identify and treat Fall Armyworm, reducing the crop devastation currently impacting her local community.
  • Flutter Launched 1.12 , Beta for web, and more at Flutter Interact.
  • Robert Felker is pushing the limits of creativity using Flutter to create uniquely designed generative art.  Learn how  Flutter helped open the doors to his artistic creativity.

Developer Community

  • DevKids : An inside look at the kids of DevFest

Google Cloud Next ’20

Google Cloud Next is back. Join engineers and product leaders April 6-8, 2020, in San Francisco as they tackle key challenges and explore exciting opportunities in Cloud. Register by February 29, 2020 with the code GRPADEV2020 to get $500 USD off a full-price ticket.

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