Newsletter - March 2018

Google Developers
March, 2018

Google Cloud Next 2018


Google Cloud Next ’18 is your chance to unlock new opportunities for your business, uplevel your skills, and uncover what’s next for Cloud.

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Android / Google Play

  • The first Android P developer preview is now out! Get an early look at some of the new features and provide feedback .
  • The Google Play Console can help you with a lot more than publishing your app. This new guide highlights all its features and how they can help you improve the quality and business performance of your app or game.
  • Check out the latest launches and announcements from the Google Developer Day at GDC 2018 event.

Firebase / Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


  • See what’s new in Chrome 65 .
  • The AMP Roadshow is coming to cities in the Americas and Asia in 2018. Sign up to attend a free 1-day workshop to get up to speed with AMP.


  • Actions on Google now supports 16 languages, Android app integration, and better geo capabilities, as well as new ways to build and user experience improvements such as support for longform audio and media. Join developer-organized events around the world to learn how to build Actions for the Google Assistant that are useful for your community.
  • Flutter released its first beta at Mobile World Congress 2018.

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