Newsletter - October 2018

Google Developers
October, 2018

DevFest 2018

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Android / Google Play

  • Learn how developers using Actions on Google can now start to make money with digital goods and subscriptions, and can personalize their Actions with Google Sign-in for the Assistant.
  • Android App Bundle is live! Check out the benefits including smaller install size, dynamic feature delivery, instant discovery, and faster updates.
  • ARCore 1.5 has updates including point cloud IDs, added runtime glTF loading to Sceneform, and support for ChromeOS.
  • Watch this best practice video series for creating Actions for the Google Assistant to get tips on building, designing, publishing, and promoting Actions your users will love to engage with.
  • Recap the latest updates from Google Play Playtime 2018 events, including announcements from Google Play and Play Console tools that make it easier to develop and distribute your apps to their global audience.

Firebase / Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Catch the keynote and announcements from the Firebase Summit including deployment to Firebase Hosting from Glitch and Stackblitz, the general availability releases for Predictions and Test Lab, and dynamic audience targeting for Analytics.


  • See what's new in DevTools (Chrome 71) including hovering and highlighting a DOM node, accessing command menu from the main menu, and picture-in-picture breakpoints.
  • Angular v 7 has been released. Discover new features like prompts added to the CLI and Schematics, drag and drop and virtual scroll in the Component Dev Kit, default bundle size budgets for new projects, and new automation to help reduce file sizes.


  • GBG Stories Search 2018 is here! Share yours until 30 November. Three winners will have their stories produced into videos and visit Google HQ.
  • Meet .page , the latest top-level domain from Google Registry. See what people like digital media artist Aaron Koblin and businesses like Geek Girl Careers are doing on .page.
  • launched the AI Impact Challenge , a $25M grant to organizations using AI to help address societal challenges. The winners will be announced at I/O ‘19.

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