DigitalInkRecognizer A DigitalInkRecognition client to perform recognition on digital ink. 


DigitalInkRecognition Entry point to get a DigitalInkRecognizer for performing recognition on digital ink. 
DigitalInkRecognitionModel Represents a downloadable recognition model. 
DigitalInkRecognitionModel.Builder Builder for the DigitalInkRecognitionModel class. 
DigitalInkRecognitionModelIdentifier Identifiers for models supported by the digital ink recognition API. 
DigitalInkRecognizerOptions Options defining the behavior of a DigitalInkRecognizer
DigitalInkRecognizerOptions.Builder Builder for the DigitalInkRecognizerOptions class. 
Ink Represents the user input as a sequence of Ink.Strokes and serves as input for DigitalInkRecognizer
Ink.Builder Builder for the Ink class. 
Ink.Point A single touch point (horizontal and vertical coordinates). 
Ink.Stroke Represents a sequence of touch points between a pen-/finger-down and a pen-/finger-up events. 
Ink.Stroke.Builder Builder for the Ink.Stroke class. 
RecognitionCandidate Individual recognition candidate. 
RecognitionContext Information about the context in which an ink has been drawn. 
RecognitionContext.Builder Builder for the RecognitionContext class. 
RecognitionResult Object representing the output of an ink recognition. 
WritingArea Represents the properties of the writing area.