A watermark resource identifies an image that displays during playbacks of a specified channel's videos. You can also specify a target channel to which the image will link as well as timing details that determine when the watermark appears during video playbacks and the length of time it is visible.


The API supports the following methods for watermarks resources:

Uploads a watermark image to YouTube and sets it for a channel.
Deletes a channel's watermark image. Try it now.

Resource representation

The JSON structure below shows the format of a watermarks resource:

  "timing": {
    "type": string,
    "offsetMs": unsigned long,
    "durationMs": unsigned long
  "position": {
    "type": string,
    "cornerPosition": string
  "imageUrl": string,
  "imageBytes": bytes,
  "targetChannelId": string


The following table defines the properties that appear in this resource:

timing object
The timing object encapsulates information about the time during a video playback when a channel's watermark image will display.
timing.type string
The timing method that determines when the watermark image is displayed during the video playback. If the value is offsetFromStart, then the offsetMs field represents an offset from the start of the video. If the value is offsetFromEnd, then the offsetMs field represents an offset from the end of the video.
timing.offsetMs unsigned long
The time offset, specified in milliseconds, that determines when the promoted item appears during video playbacks. The type property's value determines whether the offset is measured from the start or end of the video.
timing.durationMs unsigned long
The length of time, in milliseconds, that the watermark image should display.
position object
The position object encapsulates information about the spatial position within the video where the watermark image will display.
position.type string
The manner in which the promoted item is positioned in the video player.

Valid values for this property are:
  • corner
position.cornerPosition string
The corner of the player where the promoted item will appear. The item always appears in the upper right corner of the player.

Valid values for this property are:
  • topRight
imageUrl string
The URL for the channel's watermark image. YouTube will generate this URL and return it in the API response to a watermark.set request.
imageBytes bytes
The size of the watermark image, in bytes.
targetChannelId string
The YouTube channel ID of the channel that the watermark image links to.