ChannelBanners: insert

Uploads a channel banner image to YouTube. This method represents the first two steps in a three-step process to update the banner image for a channel:

  1. Call the channelBanners.insert method to upload the binary image data to YouTube. The image must have a 16:9 aspect ratio and be at least 2048x1152 pixels. We recommend uploading a 2560px by 1440px image.
  2. Extract the url property's value from the response that the API returns for step 1.
  3. Call the channels.update method to update the channel's branding settings. Set the brandingSettings.image.bannerExternalUrl property's value to the URL obtained in step 2.

This method supports media upload. Uploaded files must conform to these constraints:

  • Maximum file size: 6MB
  • Accepted Media MIME types: image/jpeg, image/png, application/octet-stream

Quota impact: A call to this method has a quota cost of 50 units.


HTTP request



This request requires authorization with at least one of the following scopes (read more about authentication and authorization).



The following table lists the parameters that this query supports. All of the parameters listed are query parameters.

Optional parameters
onBehalfOfContentOwner string
This parameter can only be used in a properly authorized request. Note: This parameter is intended exclusively for YouTube content partners.

The onBehalfOfContentOwner parameter indicates that the request's authorization credentials identify a YouTube CMS user who is acting on behalf of the content owner specified in the parameter value. This parameter is intended for YouTube content partners that own and manage many different YouTube channels. It allows content owners to authenticate once and get access to all their video and channel data, without having to provide authentication credentials for each individual channel. The CMS account that the user authenticates with must be linked to the specified YouTube content owner.

Request body

Do not provide a request body when calling this method.


If successful, this method returns a channelBanner resource in the response body.


The following table identifies error messages that the API could return in response to a call to this method. Please see the error message documentation for more detail.

Error type Error detail Description
badRequest (400) bannerAlbumFull Your YouTube Channel Art album has too many images. Please go to, navigate to the albums page, and remove some from images from that album.
badRequest (400) mediaBodyRequired The request does not include the image content.

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