Data-driven styling for datasets lets you upload your own geospatial datasets, apply custom styling to their data features, and display those data features on maps. With data-driven styling for datasets, you can create data visualizations based on point, polyline, and polygon geometries, and make data features respond to click events. Data-driven styling for datasets is supported on vector maps only (a map ID is required).

Get started with data-driven styling for datasets

Add custom geospatial datasets

Add your custom data using Google Cloud Console or Google Cloud Shell. Each dataset has a unique ID, which you can associate with a map style. The following data formats are supported:

  • GeoJSON
  • Comma-separated (CSV)
  • KML

For details about dataset requirements and limitations, see Create and manage a dataset

Style data features

Once your custom data has been uploaded and associated to a map style and map ID, you can style data features for visual impact, and make features respond to click events.

Style point data to show specific locations on the map.

A screenshot showing styled point data.

Style polyline data to highlight geographical features.

A screenshot showing styled polyline data.

Style polygon data to highlight geographical areas.

A screenshot showing styled polygon data.

Make data features respond to click events by adding an event listener.

A screenshot showing a cursor clicking a map.