Update to AR Foundation version 5.x (Beta)

ARCore Extensions for Unity's AR Foundation supports both versions 4.x and versions 5.x of AR Foundation. To upgrade your existing AR project to AR Foundation 5.x from AR Foundation 4.x, follow these steps:

  1. Only in Unity 2021.x or older:
    Some Unity packages are bound to specific Unity Editor versions. You may need to edit the Package manifest in your Unity project to update to AR Foundation 5.x in certain Unity Editor versions. For more information, see Access AR Foundation 5.0 in Unity 2021.

    Ensure that the Packages/manifest.json contains these versions for the following packages:

    "dependencies": {
      -- other dependencies --
      "com.unity.xr.arcore": "5.0.5",
      "com.unity.xr.arfoundation": "5.0.5",
      "com.unity.xr.arkit": "5.0.5",
      -- other dependencies --
  2. ARCore Extensions for Unity's AR Foundation uses the ARCORE_USE_ARF_5 Custom scripting symbol to determine version compatibility. For AR Foundation 5.x compatibility, add the ARCORE_USE_ARF_5 Custom scripting symbol:

    1. In Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings, scroll down to Script Compilation.
    2. Use the + button to add ARCORE_USE_ARF_5.
    3. Select Apply.
  3. AR Foundation 5.x requires the Input System package due to a dependency on TrackedPoseDriver. The ARCore Extensions Sample Scenes require the legacy input module.

    To support both the Input System package and the older Input Manager, in Project Settings > Player > Other Settings set Active Input Handling to Both.

  4. Follow other steps in Unity's AR Foundation upgrade and migration guides.