Creating Play Instant apps using ARCore

ARCore is compatible with Play Instant Apps, an Android feature that enables apps and games to launch on devices running Android 5.0 (API level 21) or higher without having to first be installed. By providing an instant experience, you can improve your app or game's discovery, which helps drive more active users or create lower friction experiences.

Modified runtime checks

Currently, Play Instant apps require some consideration when it comes to performing runtime checks, specifically:

  1. Currently, there is a known issue when calling ArCoreApk_requestInstall() on devices that do not have Google Play Services for AR installed. On these devices, calling ArCoreApk_requestInstall() will throw an uncatchable and unrecoverable exception. As a temporary workaround:

  2. Do not redirect users the Play Store in order to update or install Google Play Services for AR. Doing so will result in an install loop on ARCore supported devices that require additional device profile data to be downloaded by ArCoreApk_requestInstall() .

Next steps