User privacy requirements

Google Play Services for AR (ARCore) user privacy requirements

You must disclose the use of Google Play Services for AR (ARCore) and how it collects and processes data, prominently in your application, easily accessible to users. You can do this by adding the following text on your main menu or notice screen:

This application runs on Google Play Services for AR (ARCore), which is provided by Google and governed by the Google Privacy Policy.

Privacy requirements for ARCore Cloud Anchors and ARCore Geospatial API

You must disclose your use of ARCore Cloud Anchors or ARCore Geospatial API prominently in your application by including the following text in connection with the applicable API activation, including a “learn more” link to

To power this session, Google will process sensor data (e.g., camera and location).
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You can do this by implementing the recommended user notice flow available in the sample apps for each supported platform that are shipped with the ARCore SDK.