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LocationBias Defines geographical location biases. 
LocationRestriction Defines geographical location restrictions. 


AddressComponent Represents a component of an address, e.g., street number, postcode, city, etc. 
AddressComponent.Builder Builder for AddressComponent
AddressComponents The address components for the location of a Place
AutocompletePrediction Represents an autocomplete suggestion of a place, based on a particular text query. 
AutocompletePrediction.Builder Builder for AutocompletePrediction
AutocompleteSessionToken Token used for sessionizing multiple instances of FindAutocompletePredictionsRequest
LocalTime Represents a local time with just hours and minutes. 
OpeningHours Represents information on when a Place will be open during the week. 
OpeningHours.Builder Builder for OpeningHours
Period Represents a time segment. 
Period.Builder Builder for Period
PhotoMetadata The metadata corresponding to a single photo associated with a place. 
PhotoMetadata.Builder Builder for PhotoMetadata
Place Represents a particular physical place. 
Place.Builder Builder for Place
PlaceLikelihood A Place and the relative likelihood of the place being the best match within the list of returned places for a single request. 
PlaceTypes Helper class that contains most of the supported place types for autocomplete place predictions. 
PlusCode Plus Code, or Open Location Code (OLC), is a geocode system for identifying any geographical area on Earth, even when a street address does not exist. 
PlusCode.Builder Builder for PlusCode
RectangularBounds Represents a rectangle-shaped bounds around a geographical area, defined by the latitude-longitude coordinates of the southwest and northeast corners. 
TimeOfWeek Represents a a timestamp that's identified by the day of the week, and the time in 24 hour format. 


DayOfWeek Represents a day of the week. 
Place.BooleanPlaceAttributeValue Value of the place attribute field. 
Place.BusinessStatus The business status of a place. 
Place.Field Use the values of Place.Field to specify which place data types to return. 
Place.Type Type of a Place. 
TypeFilter Filter to restrict the result set of autocomplete predictions to certain types.