Google Ads API Client Library for Java

The client library for Java is hosted on GitHub and distributed through Maven. It offers several features to help you use the API, including easier management of credentials and creation of Google Ads API service clients.

The library requires Java 1.8+.

Video library: Getting started with the Java client library


Getting started
Setup instructions for the library.

Instructions on configuring OAuth2 credentials for the library using different authorization flows.

OAuth desktop application flow
How to get OAuth2 refresh tokens for desktop apps.
OAuth web application flow
How to get OAuth2 refresh tokens for web apps.
OAuth service account flow
How to use OAuth2 with service account credentials.
Build from source

How to build the client library from source.

Configuration file format

How to specify Java properties.


How to set up logging.

Field masks

How to use field masks in update operations.

Resource names

Form and usage of resource names in the API.

Proxy configuration

Configure a HTTP(S) proxy.

Long-running operations

Run long-running operations.