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With advanced markers you can create and customize highly performant markers. Customize the default marker's background, border, and glyph color, and replace the default marker icon with a custom graphic image.

Advanced markers are objects of type AdvancedMarker, which is a subclass of Marker. With advanced markers, all the existing Marker properties are customizable, including:

Advanced markers add the following additional features:

  • Customize colored pins
  • Set any Android View as the marker
  • Control collision behavior

Customize marker properties

Customize the default marker's background, glyph, and border color.

A screenshot showing some customized

Use an Android view as the marker

Replace the default marker icon with an Android View containing a custom completely custom marker.

A screenshot showing custom SVG

Set marker collision behavior

Specify how a marker should behave when it collides with another marker or map label. Marker altitude is only supported on vector maps.

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