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Follow these steps to get set up with advanced markers.

Enable the new map renderer

An upgraded map renderer is available as of version 18.0.0 of the Maps SDK for Android. This renderer brings many improvements, including support for Cloud-based maps styling, to Maps SDK for Android.

With the release of version 18.2.0 of the Maps SDK for Android, Google switched the default renderer from the legacy renderer to the upgraded map renderer. This change means that the upgraded map renderer is now used by default in your app when you build a new app or rebuild an existing app.

Create a map ID

To create a new map ID, follow the steps at Create a map ID. Make sure you set the Map type to Android.

Update your map initialization code

This step requires the map ID you just created. It can be found on your Maps Management page.

To add the map ID to your initialization code, see Add the map ID to your app.

Check map capabilities (required)

Advanced markers requires a map ID. If the map ID is missing, or an invalid map ID is passed, advanced markers cannot load. Use the MapCapabilities.isAdvancedMarkersAvailable() method to check to see if advanced markers are supported.


val capabilities: MapCapabilities = googleMap.getMapCapabilities()
System.out.println("is advanced marker enabled?" + capabilities.isAdvancedMarkersAvailable())


MapCapabilities capabilities = googleMap.getMapCapabilities();
System.out.println("is advanced marker enabled?" + capabilities.isAdvancedMarkersAvailable());

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