Sound Play
50 Cal Shells Drop
50cal Gun Cock and Dry Fire
A10 Jet Flyby fire
Airplane Rocket Fire Close
Auto Bullets Flyby - Short
Automatic Gun
Big Explosion Cut Off
Big Explosion Distant
Big Explosion Sweeping In
Big Gun Shots - Close
Bullet hit car
Cocking a 50cal Gun
Explosion Hiss Bop Bang
Gun Drop on Cement
Gun Drop on Metal Grate
Gun Loading Foam
Gun Parts Handling
Gun Powder Ignite
Gun Reload
Gun Shells Dropping
Gun Shooting Cocking Air
Gun Shooting Cocking Darts
Gun Shooting Cocking Foam
Gun Shot - Dry Fire
Gun Slide Handling - Loud
Gun Trigger Release
Gunfire And Voices
Gunfire Long Distance
Gunshot and echo long
Handgun - Hammer Click
Handgun - Dry Fire
Handgun - Mag Load
Handgun - Slide Handling
Handgun - Trigger Pulls
Handgun Cocking
Handgun Handling Souds
Handgun Magazine Loading
Handgun Trigger Pull Empty
Handling Bullets
Howitzer Cannon Fire
Lit Fuse
Load Magazine Single Bullets
Long Rifle Shots
M4 Shots
Machine Gun hit Car
Magazine Handling
Magnum Shots
Medium Casings On Cement
Medium Casings On Metal
Metallic drops and echo
Revolver Cylinder Click Series
Revolver Trigger Pull Empty
Rifle Charging Handle
Rifle Charging Handle - Dry Fire
Rifle Cycle - Far
Rifle Fire Select
Rifle Handling Mechanical Series
Rifle Mag Load
Rifle Magazine Handle
Rifle Musket Fire Random
Rifle Musket Fire Volley
Rifle Shot Echo
Rifle Shot Echo Series
Shell Casings Handgun
Shell Casings Poured On Cement
Shell Casings Poured On Metal
Shell Casings Revolver
Shell Casings Rifle
Shot Gun Handling
Smoke Bomb
Spring Steel Rico Hit
Stylized Machine Gun Shots
Unloading Gun Magazine Series
Unloading Gun Magazine Singles
Vulcan Machine Gun Series
handling 50cal gun
metal drop