Sound Play
Cartoon Boing
Cartoon Cowbell
Cartoon Metal Thunk
Cartoon Ringing Hit
Clang and wobble
Clown Horn
Clown Slide Sound Effects
Concussive Guitar Hit
Concussive Hit Guitar Boing
Continuous Slide Whistle
Cowbell Ringing
Crash Layer Cymbals
Crash Layer Drumset
Crash Layer Kick Drum
Crash Layer Kick Pedal
Crazy Dinner Bell
Cymbal Kick
Drum Roll
Drumset Falling Down Stairs
Face Stretch
Falling whistle
Fart Long through Door
Fart Toot
Finger Flick Series
Getting Stuck
Goofy Spring Bounces
Hair Ripping
Hitting a Woodblock
Inflating Big Balloon
Instrument Strum
Jingle Bells
Long Fart
Mechanical Clock Ring
Metal Strike
Metal Twang
Metallic Twang High
Motor Running Muffled
Punchline Drum
Rainstick Slow
Rubber Duck Squeak Series
Rubber Glove Pulling On Series
Rubber Glove Snapping Series
Rubber Squeaking
Siren Whistle
Slap with Glove
Slapping Bare Skin
Slapping Three Faces
Slide Whistle
Slide Whistle Crazy Series
Slide Whistle Rise And Fall
Slide Whistle Up
Slide Whistle to Drum
Snare Roll Tumbling
Strike Hollow Wood
Suction Cup Pull
Tympani Bing
UFO Zip Whistle
Vomit in Bathroom
Vomiting Close
Wet Fart
Whistle toy
Wind Chimes
Wind Up Toy
Wood Plank Flicks
Woodblock Hit
Wooden Train Whistle
Xylophone Tip Toe Scale Up