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Use this page to find samples by the Actions on Google features they support. Select a sample below to view the full sample in the Actions on Google GitHub repo. From the GitHub repo, you can clone or download samples to help you build your own Actions.

Samples on GitHub

The following table lists our sample Actions projects. You can filter this table by the features you'd like to see used in the sample.

Sample Description Highlighted features
Hello World A simple Action that responds to the user with "Hello world" from both a scene condition and a webhook event handler. Scene, webhook, simple response
Conversation components An Action that responds with a different conversation component based on what the user asks for. This Action contains a mixture of simple, rich, visual selection, and media responses. Basic card, button, image card, list, collection, media response, simple response, table card
Interactive Canvas An Action that renders a spinning triangle in full screen using Interactive Canvas. This Actions project also contains a simple web app used for Interactive Canvas. Interactive Canvas
Account linking An Action that simulates a tea shop where users with linked accounts can place fictional orders and store their preferences. In the Action, users can transition to a conversation flow that allows them to link accounts. Account linking
Transactions An Action that lets a user place an order using two different payment options (Google Pay and merchant-managed) and receive a receipt. The Action checks for transaction requirements and also demonstrates different aspects of building a transaction flow. Transactions
Daily updates and push notifications An Action that allows users to subscribe to daily updates or push notifications for a fictional gym class using provided system scenes. Daily updates, push notifications
Facts About Google An Action that presents a user with facts about Google in different categories based on the user's response. Users can choose to learn about Google's history or about its headquarters. Actions Builder, rich responses, multi-modal responses, Interactive Canvas, custom types, scene transitions, deep links
Localization An Action that demonstrates supporting localization and organizing a project to support multiple languages and locales. Localization
Custom NLU An Action that demonstrates how to organize an Actions project to support your own custom natural language understanding (NLU) in webhook code. Custom NLU

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