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Reduce friction by letting users fast-forward into your app's key functionality with their voice. This simple integration can be completed in only a few days and is available for all Android Apps.

For Android Developers

App Actions enable your users to say simple voice commands to quickly access your Android app’s functionality. Through the power of Google Assistant’s intent mapping and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), all you need is a few days to add a layer of voice commands and users can jump to the activities in your app where engagement matters most.

Intents for Every Android App

Enable your users to access the most universal app features, such as Open and Search, by using simple voice commands.

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Connect specific app functionality to voice queries that are tailored to a wide array of app categories such as Communications, Shopping, Finance, Games, and more.

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Create your own intents using query examples that are customized to your app’s unique functionality.

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Explore the top Android developers who have already implemented App Actions on our Assistant directory.

News and resources

Download and try the App Actions samples on GitHub.

Learn the basics of integrating App Actions, including using the App Actions test tool.

Start building in Android Studio