Sound Play
Aluminum Can Crunch Series
Bacon Out of Package
Bacon Peel and Flop
Bottles Empty Close
Bottles Empty Far
Bowl spin
Bowls on Table
Button Push
Cans into Cabinet
Cell Phone Vibrate
Chopping vegetables
Clock Ticking
Creaky Oven Door Open
Cup on Saucer
Dish Sliding On Table
Dishes Laid On Table
Dishes Shuffling
Door Cabinet
Drawer Open/Close
Drawer Rolling In Out
Electric Tooth Brush
Electric Tooth Brush Switch
Fireplace Tools
Floating Ice in a Glass
Freezer Ice Into Plastic Cup
Fridge Door Swing Open
Full Glass on Wood Table
Gas Lamp Flickering
Gas Lamps
Gas Stove Lighter
Glass Sliding on Table
Glass on Tablecloth
Glosing Old Window
Hairdryer in other room
Hands Touching Sink
Hanger in Closet
Hanging Wet Sheet
Ice Cubes in Glass
Ice In Glass Of Water
Ice Machine Into Cup
Kettle Boil
Kitchen Drawer
Kitchen Noises
Knife Cuting Food On Plate
Knife Cutting And Rattle
Knife on Wood Table
Lam Switch Far
Lamp Switch Near
Lamp Switch On/Off
Latch Opening Closing
Laundry Basket Actions
Long Silence At Top
Meat Preparation
Metal Cleaning
Metal Container on Wood Table
Metal Gear Shifting
Metal Scrap Kicking
Metal Scrap Rattling
Metal Shuffling
Metal Spoon Scrapes Pot
Open and Close Window
Opening Plastic Storage Container
Oven pans
Pans Clash
Paper Towel Rip
Phone Ringing
Phone Ringing Untraditional
Plastic Crumpling
Plastic Hanger Swinging
Plate Ceramic
Porcelain Bowl Counter Series
Porcelain Bowl Drag Series
Porcelain Bowl Drop Short Series
Porcelain Bowl Slide Series
Pot On Stove Metal
Pots Bang
Pour Boiling Water Into Cup
Projector Screen Fast Pull
Projector Screen Handle Squeak
Projector Screen Medium Pull
Projector Screen Slow Pull
Reaching For Napkins
Refridgerator Rumaging
Scraping Metal
Scrubbing Metal
Sheet Flap In Large Hall
Shower Curtain Pulled Series
Silverware On Bowl
Silverware On Plate
Silverware On Table
Skillet Spins On Burner
Sliding Window Aggressive
Sliding Window Latching
Sliding Window Series
Slotted Blinds Open and Close
Slotted Blinds Opening
Small Drawer Open/Close
Spatula Down Knife Up
Spice Jar On Tile Floor
Spoon on Bowl
Spray Bottle
Sweeping Wooden Porch
Telephone Ring
Toilet Flush Small Bathroom
Toilet Flush Through Closed Door
Toliet Flush
Toliet Flush Far
Toliet Flush Very Close
Toliet Seat Closing Series
Typing Keyboard
Vegetables Down on Counter Series
Vegetables Mixing in Metal Bowl
Vibrate on Wood
Walking Cleats
Wall Light Switch Close
Wall Light Switch Far
Wall Light Switch Medium
Washing Machine Door
Water Movement In Bath
Wet Squeak Rub on Bathtub
Wet Towel Wring
Wheeling A Cart
Wind Chimes of Shells
Wind Drawn Into Fire
Window Close Series
Window Latch Open Series
Wine Bottle on Wood Table
Wine Bottles Clinking
Wineglass On Wood Soft
Wood Scraps Shuffling