Get a two-wheeled vehicle route

Two-wheeled refers to two-wheeled motorized vehicles (for example, motorcycles). The two-wheeler travel mode differs from the bicycle travel mode, which is a human-powered travel mode.

Use the travelMode property of a request to specify the mode. The possible values of this property are defined by enumerations in RouteTravelMode (REST) and RouteTravelMode (gRPC).

Specify the two-wheeler travel mode

When you call a Routes API, you specify the RouteTravelMode enumeration value to specify the travel mode.

The following example shows how to set the travel mode to TWO_WHEELER in a computeRoutes method (REST) request body. You can also specify this option to the ComputeRoutes method (gRPC).

In this example, you compute the directions between two locations in India specified by Plus codes:

    "address": "H8MW+WP Kolkata India"
    "address": "GCG2+3M Kolkata India"