Available vehicle types for routes

You can get a route suited to different types of vehicles. If you don't specify a vehicle type, the Routes API uses the default of a gasoline powered car.

You set the mode of transportation using the travelMode parameter, with choices of transit, driving, two-wheeled vehicles, walking, or bicycling.

Vehicle type Description
Two-wheeled vehicle Two-wheeler refers to two-wheeled motorized vehicles (for example, motorcycles). The two-wheeler travel mode differs from the bicycle travel mode, which is a human-powered travel mode.
Transit Get a transit route for navigation instructions using the public transportation options available in the region. Transit options may include buses, subways, and trains, among others. A transit route also usually includes instructions on walking to, from, and between transit stations.
Eco-friendly Compute an eco-friendly route showing the most fuel- or energy-efficient route based on your vehicle's engine type.