Waypoint types and options

A waypoint is a location along a route, including the beginning (origin) and end (destination) locations for a route, and the origins and destinations for a route matrix.

You have several options on how to specify the location for waypoints, as described in Specify locations. In addition to setting the beginning and end locations, you can also add intermediate waypoints that you want the route to go through, and have a couple of options for waypoint behavior:

Waypoint option Description
Specify waypoint locations Specify the beginning and end of, and points along, the route.
Set intermediate waypoints Set intermediate waypoints to specify locations in between the origin and destination that you want the route to go through. An intermediate waypoint can be a stopover or pass-through waypoint (see sections below).
Set a stop along a route Specify an intermediate waypoint is a stop along the route, such as for a pickup or dropoff.
Set a point for a route to pass through Specify an intermediate waypoint that you want the route to pass through.
Specify vehicle heading for a waypoint Specify the heading of the vehicle when it arrives. Cannot use with side of road.
Specify side of road for a waypoint Specify the side of road you prefer the vehicle arrives on. Cannot use with heading.
Optimize the order of stops on a route Specify the direction you want the vehicle to head when it arrives at each waypoint.