enum  GMSCollisionBehavior { GMSCollisionBehaviorRequired, GMSCollisionBehaviorRequiredAndHidesOptional, GMSCollisionBehaviorOptionalAndHidesLowerPriority }
 How markers interact with other markers and regular labels. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

How markers interact with other markers and regular labels.

Defaults to GMSCollisionBehaviorRequired.

Marker collisions occur when coordinates intersect.

Priority is defined as: 1) Required > Optional 2) zIndex: higher zIndex > lower zIndex

Beyond this, it is undefined which marker will show if both are optional and have the same zIndex. Regular map labels are the lowest priority.


Always display the marker regardless of collision.

This is the default behavior. Has no impact on whether any other markers or basemap labels show.


Always display the marker regardless of collision, and hide any CollisionBehaviorOptionalAndHidesLowerPriority markers or labels that would overlap with the marker.


Display the marker only if it does not overlap with other markers.

Does not include GMSCollisionBehaviorRequired. If two markers of this type would overlap, the one with the higher zIndex is shown. Collision rules for markers with the same zIndex is undefined.