Speech configurations for AskForPlace. Please note that these configurations act more like a hint to location dialog than absolute value. The location dialog has several other types of responses that are not covered in this config. Even in case of responses that are configurable with this input, location dialog may choose to add additional info to override these hints. For example: In case of failure in receiving input from user for "request location", the location dialog might respond: "Sorry; $request_location".

JSON representation
  "requestPrompt": string,
  "permissionContext": string


This is the initial prompt by AskForPlace sub-dialog. For example "What place do you want?"



This is the context for seeking permission to access various user related data if the user prompts for personal location during the sub-dialog like "Home", "Work" or "Dad's house". For example "*To help you find juice stores*, I just need to check your location. Can I get that from Google?". The first part of this permission prompt is configurable.