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GoogleMobileAds Framework Reference

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@interface GADSearchBannerView : GADBannerView

A view that displays search ads. To show search ads: 1) Create a GADSearchBannerView and add it to your view controller’s view hierarchy. 2) Create a GADDynamicHeightSearchRequest object to hold the search query and other search data. 3) Call GADSearchBannerView’s -loadRequest: method with the GADDynamicHeightSearchRequest object.

  • If the banner view is initialized with GADAdSizeFluid and the corresponding request is created with dynamic height parameters, this delegate will be called when the ad size changes.



    @IBOutlet weak var adSizeDelegate: GADAdSizeDelegate? { get set }


    @property (nonatomic, weak, nullable) id<GADAdSizeDelegate> adSizeDelegate;