Google Analytics Admin API Overview

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Summary: This document provides a high level overview of the Google Analytics Admin API Version 1.0.

Both Alpha and Beta channels of the API continue to be supported. Beta channel contains a subset of the features available in Alpha which are considered stable and not expected to undergo a significant change in the future. New features will be added to Beta once they mature.


The Google Analytics Admin API allows for programmatic access to the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) configuration data and is only compatible with GA4 properties. Learn more about GA4 properties.

You can use the Google Analytics Admin API to:

Available methods

Account provisioning

  • accounts.provisionAccountTicket

    This method returns the accountTicketId field that should be included in the Terms of Service (TOS) URL: Once a user visits the TOS URL and accepts the Terms of Service, creation of a Google Analytics account will be complete (Account provisioning sample).

Accounts management

Data sharing settings management

List account summaries

Search change history events

Properties management

User data collection acknowledment

Data retention setting management

Google Signals setting management (Alpha)

Data streams management

Measurement Protocol secrets management

Conversion events management

Custom dimensions management

Custom metrics management

Firebase project linking

Google tag generation (Alpha)

User permissions management (Alpha)

User permissions audit (Alpha)

Data access reports (Alpha)